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Water supply for thermal installation

Warm water can be provided with a sun collector array for many different purposes, e.g. household usage, home heating, greenhouse, swimming pool etc.

The solar water heaters must be continuously provided with cold water, which the pump LJ1012 can deliver - app. 50 liters/h up to 7 meters height, LJ2012 with app. 50 liters/ up to 15 meters height and LJ3012 about 50 liters/h up to 20 meters height.

Solar water supply for thermal installation // Solar Wasser Versorgung für thermische Anlagen

The pumps are ideal for solar water heater manufacturers to open a new market in creating a complete system. Such applications are especially interesting for rural inhabitants without tab water supply, as well as for people in cities, where water pressure is too low or instable.

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