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Greening of decorative rocks

A rock garden pond is an essential part of a beautiful garden landscape. The greening of high rocks however is even nowadays a problem for garden designers. Using a conventional pump for water supply is very inefficient and also causes safety problems, while connecting water pipes to the rock garden may evoke high costs.

The solar greening of high rocks / Die Solar Begrünung auf hoher Felsen.

LIUJIA Solar pump LJ1012 is the ideal choice in this case. The designer can install a solar module more than 10 meters away in a hidden location. The pump can be either hanged into the pond or directly under the rock in the water. A flexible water pipe can be placed in the cracks along the rock upwards to the highest point, which ensures then water distribution over various parts of the rock as required. On sunny days the pump delivers 50 - 80 liters of water per hour. For small rock gardens, parts of the water can be, besides greening, also used for water specific effects like waterfalls etc.

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