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This checklist was created after many years of experience with the LIUJIA solar pump. If the checklist is carefully considered, most of the mistakes during installation and usage can be avoided. Please read the user manual and the checklist carefully.


Different challenges appear at different times

Different challenges of the pump often appear in certain phases. Please follow the various situations and control the following points.


a. After installation:

Due to a faulty installation, the energy supply does not exist; the voltage of the solar panels is not sufficient (too strong or too weak); the pump has not been lowered properly into the water; after some days of running the pump suddenly stops, which is usually caused by sand in the water.


b. After maintenance work:

Energy supply was interrupted; wrong assembly; outlet pipe is not correctly connected; leaking; screw ring at the top of the magnet body was not tightened.


c. During running operation:

By theft, rain, hail, wind, humidity in free nature as well as bolt of lightning, the energy supply can be interrupted; sand or dirt in the water entered the pump and blocked piston and valves; the main spring or small spring is broken; water pipe is leaky or the screw ring at the top is loose; the metal insert has become loose during the operation due to vibration.


d. After the storage or over winter:

Before storage the pump was dirty or not dried properly. Dirt in pump becomes dry and hard, so that the piston or the valves cannot move again; contacts of the current connection are oxidized during the long storage time.

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