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Solar emergency water supply

Another valuable application is emergency water supply, especially after floods or other natural disasters as water might be contaminated and not drinkable. It is however of absolute priority to purify water as soon as possible to prevent the spread of contagious diseases and secure survival of the affected population.

Solar emergency water supply // Solar Wasserversorgung in Notsituationen

Drinking water treatment units can be installed, but these are very hard to transport due to potential damage to roads, inflexibility and high expenditures. Instead, the LIUJIA solar pumps, with a diameter of only 6 centimeters, can be lowered into a prepared well, which can be tightly sealed afterwards to avoid pollution of water. Through this procedure the pump can supply clean drinking water using solar energy, when surface water is spoiled as a result of natural disaster.

Water diseases, such as schistosomiasis (also known as bilharzia, named after Theodor Bilharz, who first described it), are widespread in large parts of the world. It is estimated that approximately 250 - 300 million people are infected with parasites from water and 600 million are at risk. The LIUJIA solar pump can be used in polluted regions as an innovative product to gain clean drinking water.

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