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Solar drinking water supply using an OM filter

Annually over 10 million people die, because of polluted drinking water.                      A combination of the LIUJIA solar well pump and an ultra membrane filter can save lives.

The water, which is collected in rainwater tanks, lakes, rivers or wells, cannot be used directly as drinking water. Normal water filters are very expensive and have a short lifetime. The ultra-membrane filter is able to clean polluted water with its special V-membranes and makes it drinkable. It extracts bacteria, iron stains, oxides, and various impurities from the water.

Filter system

Solar drinking water supply using an OM filter // Solar Trinkwasserversorgung mit OM-Filter

The solar submersible pumps deliver water with a pressure between 0.5 till 2 bars into the filter, which meets hundred of hollow capillary filter films. The filter aperture is less than 0.01um (1.0/1.000,000mm). The pure water runs through the filter film in vertical direction while some bacteria bigger than 0.01um and other various impurities fail to pass the filter film and is drained off with the running water through the faucet for tap water in to a water tank. The lifetime of a filter is about 3 years. Regular cleaning is very simple: just change the input and the output and the water flow from the opposite direction.

The system is independent from electricity and especially suited for mobile usage in remote areas at low hygienic conditions. A decentral drinking water supply means a higher effectivity. The pressure of the solar submersible pumps (up to 36 Wp) is fully enough to run the filter.

The filter efficiency is outstandingly better than ordinary filter systems and this without chemical water treatment; this means there are not any adverse reactions with chemicals.


Both modern technology and a very simple process increase the efficiency and minimize the cost of obtaining drinking water. Up to 200 liters of clean drinking water could be supplied daily for around 100 people.

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