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Solar water draining

In some circumstances it might be required to remove seeped water from a few meters depth to keep facilities dry. Depending on the season and natural conditions the amount of seeped water is often limited and irregular. A conventional method is to use a common electric pumping station, but installation, supply and maintenance come usually with high costs.

Solar pump remove seeped water to keep facilities dry.// Solar pumpe fördert das versickertes Wasser zu entfernen, um die Anlagen trocken zu halten.

The LIUJIA Solar pump can automatically drain water from this area. There is no switch to turn the pump on and off as it works automatically through solar energy. The pump can be quickly installed or removed at a convenient location.

Use Case: German company “water draining”

A German company owns a number of off-grid shafts with valves, which are connected to pipes for water distribution. However, underground water and rainwater seeps depending on the season in different amounts into the shafts. In the past employees had to regularly control the shafts to remove water with a diesel water pump. After using the LIUJIA Solar pump, these tasks were not necessary anymore, as the pump would automatically drain the shafts. Since 2005 more than 40 solar pumps are in use.

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