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Checklist for installation

For first time users of the LIUJIA Solar Pump


  1. Only hang the pump on the intended metal insert and definitely do not use the connecting cable or the water pipe for the tensile load of the pump.

  2. During a sunny day before installation: Connect all cables as described in the manual and test the pump in a bucket water if everything is in order, then proceed with the installation.

  3. You must add extra filtration e.g. using fabric to wrap the entire pump for additional protection against dirt and sand in the water.

General tips to increase the lifespan of the pump

  1. The tester of the pump should be packed with a plastic pocket, so humidity cannot penetrate the inside.

  2. If there is a longer distance between the pump and the solar panel, it is possible to add a longer cable up to max. 10 meters. Please pay attention to the voltage drop due to the longer cable. If the voltage of the pump falls below 32V for LJ2012, LJ3012 (16V for LJ1012), the pump will not operate correctly.

  3. Please avoid dismantling the pump due to curiosity as some mistakes are caused by curious customers themselves.

  4. If the pump is operating in very clean water, it will still need to be serviced after 6 months.

  5. If any difficulties appear, please ask us first. Most problems can be fixed easily.

  6. We use solar modules from other manufacturers. There are many ways in which two modules can be fixed together, therefore you can mount them to suit your own requirements.

​Quick installation tips

Checklist for installation

a1. How many liters of water does the customer need daily?

a2. How is the situation of the water source, water quality, delivery height?

a3. How is the local sun intensity?

a4. Does a single solar pump deliver enough water?

a5. Is the customer able to maintain the pump?

a6. Does the power of the solar panel fit to the pump?

a7. Where should the solar panel be mounted? Should there be any shade?

a8. How are the hose and the cables placed?

a9. Are there any protective measures against theft, flash of lightning and moisture?

a10. Are the terminals of the solar panel connected correctly?

a11. Is the voltage of the modules correct? LJ3012, LJ2012 must have 41V, LJ1012 must have 21V without difficulty.

a12. Does one hear the clear beating sound of the pump after connecting it to the solar panels?

a13. Are the silicon tube and water pipes connected well together?

a14. Is the hanging rope well connected to the pump?

a15. Are the silicon tube, water pipe and suspension rope well connected to each other?

a16. Avoid lowering the pump too deep as it will come in touch with dirt.

a17. The pump should remain in the water, if the ground-water level sinks.

a18. The water pipe must not tie itself up.

a19. How is the water pipe protected against icing?

a20. Place the LED tester of the pump in a place, which is protected against rain- and steam water.

a21. The cable between the modules and the pump should be isolated well.

a22. The remaining cables of the pump should be placed securely in a protected place.

a23. During the installation, the customer should make himself familiar to the pump.

a24. How would one retrieve the pump from the well, if the pump requires maintenance?

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