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An unique product powered by solar energy​

Works well under power shortage, unstable power supply, emphasis on the use of mobility, or scenarios with special considerations for electrical safety. Best applicable in areas with water scarcity or a slow replenishment of groundwater sources // Problemloser Einsatz bei Stromknappheit, in instabilen Stromversorgungsgebieten, der Schwerpunkt liegt auf der Mobilität Nutzungen, oder sofern besondere Gegebenheiten zur elektrischen Sicherheit notwendig sind. Einsatz in Gebieten mit Wasserknappheit oder wenn die Wiederauffüllung von Grundwasserquellen zu langsam geschieht.

What makes our pump special: 


The LIUJIA solar submersible pump however is constructed especially to match dynamic solar power and has proven its reliability and usability since 1998 in over 30 countries. The more intense the sunlight is, the stronger the pump works. Since the solar pump works with a lossless storage circuit, water will be pumped even when the sunrays are diffused.


In comparison, most solar equipment use conventional, electronic technology, which means that a stable power supply is required for smooth operation. Thus, these pumps can only be operated in areas with consistent clear and sunny weather. In order to address this challenge, multiple solar modules are often used at once to deliver more power than the pumps need, so that the additional power can compensate cloudy weather. Another method to overcome this problem is to store solar power in batteries until the pumps need it. All these factors increase costs and complexity considerably, therefore solar energy has always had difficulties in competing with conventional power supplys.


LIUJIA Solar Corp.

Hintere Sterngasse 1

90402 Nuremberg



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