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Solar Submersible Pump

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(LIUJIA Solar submersible pump)  

LIUJIA Solar submersible pump has proved since 1998 and in over 20 countries, that it is a reliable, off gird device for everyday usage. It allows new energy-saving and decentral application possibilities of solar energy in industrial or in developing countries and helps to improve the living standards in remote areas or survival in crisis situation.

Caused by globalisation and economical progress the rising demand for energy and water results in great environmental problems, especially in urban areas. The LIUJIA Solar Pump offers a decentral water supply system for families or small water consumer and can crucially improve the living and working standards. Especially in crisis situation like floods, earthquakes, the pump can be irreplacable for delivering clean drinking water. Because of its massive metal construction and the simply energy supply the LIUJIA Solar Pump acts like a reliable heart for many different application possibilites in the solar energy field.

Specification of Liujia Solar Pump

Pumping quantity at variable sunintensity

Quick Installation Tips

Feature of Liujia Solar Submersible Pumps:
- Many useful applications with solar energy
- Ideal combination of water and sun - protection of environment
- Saving primary energy and physical efforts like pumping with manpower in order to obtain or distribute water
- More sunlight, more water pumped, runing even if the weather is hazy
- Very effective irrigation for family garden or small rural areas with the solar drip system
- Low maintenance and automatic operation for years
- Special construction allows dry operation for hours
- Robust and reliable - very low system costs
- Low borehole drilling cost - a diameter of 6,0 cm is sufficient: very suitable for using in a 2" borehole

This solar pump is not a substitution for conventional products, because it mainly enables new application possibilities. It is also very important to adapt one's consuption in water when using the solar energy.

Application possibilties

drinkingwater supply

Using the conventional circle-pump by digging deep boreholes to get clean drinking water resulted, like many projects have shown, in waterwasting. The more water was delivered, the more it was wast... >>> More

water suplly for domestic usage

Small towns sometimes suffer water shortages in summer. Trucks have to regularly refill the water tanks, which are installed under house or garden. Or you built underground cistern to collect rainw... >>> More

water supply for thermal installation

Solar thermal installations are getting more and more popular in the world. With a sun collector array, warm water can be obtained for many different purposes, e.g. household, swimming pool.... The... >>> More

water supply for animals

Another advantage is to create a watering place for animals with one or several pumps. In this case the animals do not have to be brought to a river or a lake, so that the ressource of grass will b... >>> More

small showers in beach

The tourism branch uses a lot of water. After swimming in lake or sea, which contain salt, algae or another minerals, the possibility to take a shower improves the swimming quality in the area. The... >>> More

solar micro irrigation

Considering the small amount of delivered water, the Liujia solar pump LJ308, LJ208 and LJ108 are not suitable for agricultural irrigation, but the ideal choice for a small family's garden or green roffs system. >>> More

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Liujia solar submersible pump